White Papers


The Localization Outsourcing Decision

Lexcelera CEO John Papaioannou’s award-winning MBA thesis presents a bold new model for outsourcing translation and localization activities.


Top 10 Commitments Lexcelera Makes to its Customers

Lexcelera’s mission is to lead the industry in high quality Machine Translation services by offering what no other company does. Here are 10 ways that we will meet our goal…


Top 10 Machine Translation FAQs

At the Localization World conference in 2009, Microsoft launched the challenge: if you’re not using machine translation, why not? Companies such as IBM, Intel, Symantec, Cisco, Autodesk, Adobe, Fortis Bank and Siemens have already launched Machine Translation (MT) pilots, and have begun integrating MT into their workflows. 2010 promises to be the strongest year ever for MT as new programs and new processes prove it capable of delivering quality translations at an accelerated rate, for significant cost savings. What is the buzz all about? Here are the top 10 questions companies are asking today…


Top 10 Reasons Why Global Firms Lead in Machine Translation

Whether the aim is Optimized MT* for high‐quality needs such as user manuals, software and documentation or Customized MT** for internal reports and online support content, world‐leading companies tend also to be world leaders in the uptake of MT technology. Here are the top 10 reasons why…