Apps Localization

Lexcelera localizes the apps that are going viral and going global and helps developers expand to international markets

Lexcelera helps developers localize software internationally

Whether for Apple iOS, Google Android or the desktop, localizing apps into multiple languages is the next step to increasing international sales for applications developers. And the potential for localized applications is breathtaking. The explosion of applications now means that apps are predicted to be as big, if not bigger, than the World Wide Web itself.

Literally hundreds of thousands of applications for Apple iOS, Google Android and Facebook are only available in English. Local language interfaces are predicted to be the rocket fuel for international sales. Lexcelera helps app developers find their next big market.

Lexcelera combines the experience of nearly 3 decades in the translation industry with an innovative approach to translation technology to provide rapid localization of applications. We provide international localized versions of popular applications, including multimodal user interfaces on mobile devices, in all the major languages of Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as in the leading local languages of Africa.

“International sales have been better than we anticipated.”