is english enough to reach the world

Can you reach the world with English?

Does everyone speak English? Our previous blog listed 5 reasons to translate your website. Today, let’s find out if English alone can reach the whole world!   How many people actually speak English? English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, and more and more people are learning the language of…


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Damien Cartereau Interview

Damien Cartereau Interview Varilux Brand Manager     Essilor Translation Project  Essilor has been a Lexcelera customer for 25 years, since 1992. In April, we had the opportunity to interview Damien Cartereau, Brand Manager at Essilor. Damien has a solid 7-year experience with Essilor International, and has been the Varilux Brand Manager for 2 years.…


translate websites to boost e-commerce

Translating Websites for e-Commerce: 5 Reasons to do it

Translate websites to break the language barriers! Oh how we love July and August: summer time, vacation time, but also sales time! We are in 2017, so when one says sales, the consumer hears online-shopping while companies hear opportunity for e-Commerce. The beauty of e-Commerce is that you can order pretty much anything while cozying up…


language technology for start-ups

Translation Technology to Help Start-Ups Go International

June 2017: Lexcelera is present at VivaTech in Paris. Bringing innovation in start-up translation technology to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Lexcelera @ VivaTech For a young entrepreneur, France’s VivaTech exhibition is the ideal hub for strategic meetings. And for established companies, like Lexcelera clients BNP Paribas and SNCF, VivaTech is a reflection of their…


Neural Machine Translation (NMT) for enterprises

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Beta Test

Translation with Systran’s new Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine Yesterday I translated our company presentation with Systran’s new Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine, and I was amazed at the results. The presentation in question was a complete overview of all of our services, 59 pages of French text that was edited three separate times to…


happy international translation day

Happy International Translation Day Everyone!

Today is International Translation Day! In celebration of this special day, the team at Lexcelera would like to send out a big thank you to all the translators who work with us. We would also like to acknowledge all the translators who have volunteered to work on the life changing humanitarian projects managed by Translators without Borders.   A little history from…


Follow-The-Sun Service: Available 24 Hours a Day

At Lexcelera, we follow-the-sun! Do you ever wonder why it is that sometimes you launch a project with one Project manager, and then another takes over? The answer is simple! At Lexcelera we like to ensure that all your translation requests, especially your most urgent, can be treated promptly.  To enable this, our international offices…


When Translation Saves Lives – Translators Without Borders

Today, leading companies are expected to communicate about their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Lexcelera often translates this information for our customers’ websites, press releases, podcasts and videos. But what many of our customers may not know is that Lexcelera has a CSR story of its own. Lexcelera is the founder of the world’s largest humanitarian…


eCommerce, language, exponential growth

eXponential eCommerce Growth: what are the keys?

Of course the key to exponential eCommerce growth is Technology. But there is a second one… In the old economy, companies grew incrementally: 10% per year, 20% per year… In the new economy, companies can grow exponentially: 10 times, 20 times … or more. Two things are making this exponential eCommerce growth possible: Technologies (for…


Translators without Borders in the Refugee Crisis

Translators Without Borders: recently called on to help with communications in the refugee crisis Translators without Borders, founded by Lexcelera, is the world’s largest humanitarian translation charity. It has recently been called on to help with communications in the refugee crisis. In a crisis, sometimes a word in the right language can make all the…


Machine Translation vs Human Translators

With Machine Translation, will we still need human translators? Language lovers and language professionals alike are keeping a nervous eye on developments in machine translation technology, watching for the day when a computer application such as Google Translate, Bing, Moses or Systran delivers a translation that is just as good as what a human can…


mother language day

February 21 is Mother Language Day: Does it Matter?

Today is International Mother Language Day With the dominance of English on and off the Internet, maybe it’s time for us to talk about why Mother Language Day matters. As the founder of Lexcelera and Translators without Borders, I try to be a voice for local languages. But surprising as this may sound, languages per…


Translators without Borders and Lexclera

Language Matters: Be a Voice for Languages!

I’ve found my calling: being a voice for languages because language matters! Along the way, I’ve discovered that language matters profoundly, whether for humanitarian aid, or for international business. I discovered the importance of language for global business when I moved from my native Canada to France in 1986. From “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” to…


I love you in 420 languages

420 Languages of Love – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Languages of Love What follows is one of our most popular blog posts. It started many years ago as a fun way for Lexcelera to celebrate Valentine’s Day by breaking the world record for crowd-sourcing translations of the one phrase that crosses all borders: I love you. We are excited to have been able to…


translation for different screen sizes

Content Strategy: Why Should It Matter To You?

We hear a lot about content strategy today, but what is it exactly? A content strategy is your end-to-end process for how you plan, create, translate, deliver and manage your digital content. Here are some signs that you may need a multilingual content strategy: People across your organization are writing similar types of content Similar…