Translation company Lexcelera, founded in 1986 in Paris, has been accompanying the largest French and international companies in their multilingual communications. With offices in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, Lexcelera offers proximity services for large enterprises and their subsidiaries.

Lexcelera uses best-of-breed technological innovations to power its language services and adapt them to the needs of multinationals. A true pioneer of translation technologies, Lexcelera is one of the few companies in the world today capable of offering a full range of high performance services, with the support of a global network of experts. Lexcelera’s industry-leading innovation in translation technologies optimizes productivity, quality, and consequently budgets.

  • aeronautics


    Lexcelera’s innovative translation technology speeds global reach and time-to-market. From technical documents, HSE manuals to real-time customer support, Lexcelera’s solutions scale.


    Translation services for the aeronautics sector

  • banking

    Banking & Insurance

    Behind-the-firewall expertise allows Lexcelera to respond to the specific needs of the banking and insurance sector for confidentiality of high-stakes content and secure data transfer.


    Translation services for the banking & insurance sector

  • chemicals


    The chemical industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. Today, countries that were previously considered as the poorest are now growing in that industry. That is why you need your documentation to be in a language that all of your customers understand.


    Translation services for the chemicals sector

  • construction

    Construction & Engineering

    Lexcelera supports international construction and civil engineering projects with fast-turnaround translations of high volume technical and legal documents. Specifications, health and safety reports, environmental impact studies and more.


    Translation services for the construction sector

  • consumer products


    Consumers are 6x more likely to buy in their own language. eCommerce, SEO/SEM, product support, customer experience, social media all require new approaches to translation. Lexcelera leverages community involvement and technology to engage and empower customers.


    Translation services for e-Commerce

  • corporate

    Corporate Communications

    Highest quality and speed are Lexcelera’s drivers for corporate translation today. From speech translation for the CEO to crisis management to press releases to the corporate intranet, Lexcelera’s linguists make sure the message matches the situation.


    Translation services for the corporate communications sector

  • HR

    HR & eLearning

    Lexcelera’s HR and eLearning practice is based on the knowledge that successful outcomes, such as course completion and skills development, are linked to language appropriate content. Lexcelera strengthens the reach of communications to employees in all geographic units of the organization.


    Translation services for HR departments

  • information technology

    Information Technology

    Global markets are increasingly important to revenue growth for the IT sector. Lexcelera’s innovative translation technology speeds global reach and time-to-market. From manuals to real-time customer support, Lexcelera’s solutions scale.


    Translation services for the information technology sector

  • manufacturing


    Technical documentation in 17 languages? A solution for frequent updates to product lists? Support to local teams responding to international RFPs? Ask about Lexcelera’s unique process for high volume urgent translations.


    Translation services for the manufacturing sector

  • mining


    Lexcelera is behind the global communications of some of the world’s leading mining, energy and resources companies. Translation missions typically include technical documentation, regulatory filings, engineering specifications and more.


    Translation services for the mining sector

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