Only agencies with the most innovative technological solutions stand out in a global market as fragmented as professional translation services.

Driving innovation since it was founded in 1986, Lexcelera is a leading international player and offers high-quality translation services at the most competitive prices on the market.

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Global translation service

Lexcelera provides translation services for a complete range of sectors and media.

We translate technical, scientific, legal, commercial, marketing and other specialized professional documents.

Using the latest technology, we deliver custom solutions adapted to your website and software translation needs.

All of Lexcelera’s translation services, including translation memory and terminology management, file-format engineering, multilingual DTP, and machine translation post-editing, leverage advanced linguistic technologies.

Specialized translators

Lexcelera selects the best translators for your project from its network of language experts.

To assess their technical skills, our translators take advanced language tests in their language combinations and areas of specialization. Translators then undergo regular evaluations to ensure the consistently high quality of the translations they produce.

Supported by our network of translators, we provide translation services in more than 100 languages and fields of expertise.

Language project management

Our language project managers oversee translation operations and ensure their successful completion.

From selecting a specialized translator or forming a dedicated team of translators to building customized briefings and glossaries, coordinating projects and revising documents, our project managers ensure your project is delivered to deadline and on budget.

ISO 9001-certified translations

Lexcelera is the first French translation agency to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

Lexcelera is the first French translation agency to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

Lexcelera has renewed its 9001 certification since 2007 and strengthens its certified-translation control processes year on year.

ISO 9001 certification is awarded to companies with high-quality management systems. It covers our full range of services tailored to specific needs, from document translation and conference interpretation to website and software localization.

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services de traduction ISO 9001
Translation services

Document translation

Lexcelera guarantees the quality of your translated professional documents, in any format and for every sector, fully aligned with your business terminology.

Technical translation

From user manuals to patents, our technical translations are produced by specialized translators to guarantee consistency and the use of appropriate technical terminology.

Website translation

Lexcelera offers optimal website translation solutions using advanced linguistic technologies combined with a network of specialized web translators.

eCommerce translation

Our eCommerce website translation services cover a range of platforms, from Prestashop, WordPress x WooCommerce and Drupal to custom technical solutions.

Multilingual SEO

Stand out from the competition by consistently ranking among the first search-result pages by entrusting Lexcelera with your multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Sworn translation

Lexcelera offers a sworn translation service for official and sensitive legal documents, handled by professional sworn translators who are court-appointed experts.

Software localization

Lexcelera simplifies and optimizes your software localization processes, from software to ERP and mobile apps, helping you win new global markets.

Multilingual DTP

Lexcelera provides full support for your digital activities, from social networks to eCommerce sites, blogs and videos, through its DTP services and other forms of translation.

Content creation

Lexcelera’s network of mother-tongue professional journalists and copy writers helps clients rise to the challenge of creating multilingual content.


Lexcelera’s interpreters graduated from top interpreting schools. They are specialized in your required fields and selected according to the nature of your assignment.


A complement to machine translation, Lexcelera’s post-editing service ensures machine-translated documents read like human translations.

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