Lori Thicke
Lori Thicke


Lori Thicke, a native of Canada, founded her first company when she was just 12 years old. She went on to found her next company at 17 and, as a result, appeared regularly in the local press. At 19 she sold her company to return to university. While earning her two degrees she also worked part-time as a journalist and book editor.

In 1986, after receiving a Master’s Degree from the University of British Columbia, Lori moved to Paris. There she founded Eurotexte, later renamed Lexcelera. In 1993, Lori co-founded Traducteurs sans frontières in order to provide pro bono translations to humanitarian organizations. Lori is also the Founder of the U.S. based sister organization, Translators without Borders, which became an American 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2010.

Lori, who lives in Paris, is a frequent speaker and blogger. She travels widely between the different Lexcelera offices in Singapore, Buenos Aires, London and Vancouver.

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Ros Smith-Thomas

Vendor Manager and Co-Owner

Ros, a native of Sevenoaks in the United Kingdom, moved to Paris in her early 20s. Before joining Lexcelera, Ros worked for 17 years in the language training business, first as a teacher and subsequently as Administrative Manager for a Parisian language school. Ros joined the company in 1992 as General Manager, bringing considerable interpersonal and administrative skills, plus a fluency in English, French and Spanish. In 1993, Ros co-founded Traducteurs sans frontières, and is currently the President of the French non-profit association, registered under the French 1901 law governing charities.

Ros is married with two children, and lives in an architectural wonder of a house in Paris’ 20th arrondissement.

Laurence Roguet

Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer, Laurence has a wide variety of responsibilities, including overseeing day to day operations, coordinating the teams and making sure Lexcelera’s strategy is successfully deployed.

Laurence entered the localization industry over a dozen years ago as a Senior Project Manager for Lionbridge. Successive promotions to Vendor Manager, Resource Manager (for both linguists and engineers) and Business Unit Manager gave Laurence an in-depth understanding of client needs as well as of the management of complex multilingual projects. This wide ranging experience means that Laurence is now able to wear a number of caps, from production to finance.

Laurence has a Master’s degree in Financial Management and Business Administration. She is fluent in both French and English.

Wendy Taylor

Office Manager

Wendy’s international career has spanned two decades, three continents and numerous roles. During her thirteen years as a soloist at the Lido in Paris, her organizational skills were frequently called upon. As a performer and an assistant to the musical director, she was responsible for introducing technological improvements to the orchestra’s organization.  Despite 6 nights a week onstage, Wendy also participated in numerous other projects in diverse roles such as artistic director, costume designer, choreographer, arranger, and as head of communications for two legendary Parisian jazz clubs, in charge of press relations, programming and organizing events.

In her native Australia, Wendy worked her organizational magic for various entities before being recruited by the Lido and moving to Europe. She has also worked as a translator and interpreter.

Fabrice Chabot

Lead Engineer, Machine Translation

Fabrice joined Lexcelera in 2011, where he is managing machine translation and linguistic engineering.

He started in the localization industry as a terminologist in 1999 in Bowne Global Solutions then in Lionbridge until 2010. He has worked in various fields including terminology, CAT management and linguistic engineering, especially machine translation and computer-aided review.
Fabrice has a master’s degree in linguistics and the language industry.

Fabrice is fluent in both French and English.

Stéphane Almin

Senior Localization Project Manager

After working for 15 years Stéphane’s vast experience in translation and localization gives him a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs. He also has a good knowledge of skills and expectations when it comes to the different stakeholders involved in the localization industry. His technical background helps him to handle varied projects with sometimes complex configurations.
Stéphane has a postgraduate professional diploma in technical translation, writing and terminology. He is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. Thanks to his wife, he also has some basic knowledge in Japanese.

Denise Bedouret

Head, Buenos Aires

A bright and dynamic member of the team, Denise joined Lexcelera after graduating with a Translation Degree from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having previously worked as a freelance translator and editor, her excellent skills and professional attitude have seen her rapidly promoted from Assistant Project Manager to heading our Argentinean office. Located just outside the city centre of Buenos Aires, Lexcelera’s South American office, under Denise’s management, handles language projects during the evening, Central European Time (CET).

Interested in art and literature from an early age, Denise went on to develop a passion for languages and communication. She enjoys working with an intercultural team, bridging the gap between language needs and language solutions.

Denise speaks fluent Spanish, English and French and has some basic knowledge of Portuguese.



Ganyue Lei

Head, Singapore office

Ganyue is a native of China.  Before joining to Lexcelera, she worked for the French Food Promotion Board and the French Trade Commission in Shanghai. Alongside interpretation and translation services, she also handled other activities like event organization and market research.

In 2003 Ganyue decided to move to Paris.  She joined Lexcelera in 2005 and was promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2013. Her responsibilities include translation project management as well as customer account management.

Ganyue moved back to Asia in 2014 – this time to Singapore. She currently acts as a correspondent for Lexcelera in this time zone and ensures that our linguistic service timeline can be as flexible as possible while continuing to handle key translation projects.

In addition to her native Chinese, Ganyue is proficient in French and English. She can also speak Japanese.