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Understanding online buying behavior by country

Exclusive offer for Lexcelera customers

How does language affect online sales?
Today we are pleased to announce an exclusive offer for Lexcelera customers: a free eBook that presents the first country by country analysis of how language influences buying decisions.

This eBook will tell you how language impacts :eBooks buying behavior

  • Website visits
  • Online purchasing
  • Competitive edge
  • Brand loyalty

This eBook covers language preferences for the 10 international markets that currently make up 80% of online sales.

This information about the online buying behavior of consumers in 10 countries has never before been available at such an in-depth level.
We are making it available exclusively to help Lexcelera’s customers decide on the best multilingual strategy for their target markets.

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6 Best Practices for Global eSuccess

If you are responsible for international strategy, marketing, global business development, translation, training, technology or web properties, we wrote this book for you.

This eBook will show you how to successfully integrate language capabilities to:ebook global eSuccess

  • Improve branding and boost international sales,
  • Conduct multilingual marketing including multilingual SEO,
  • Manage international expansion without support teams in every locale,
  • Create and animate international user communities,
  • Scale international training in any language,
  • Monitor what users across the world are saying about your products and services, and about your competitors.

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Language Technology for Enterprises eBook

If you are wondering:

ebook enterprise

  • What is machine translation (MT) and why use it?
  • Is machine translation right for my company?
  • I have decided to try this exciting new technology and wish to learn more about the different types of MT
  • What are the different types of products already available?

Then this eBook is tailor-made for you!

It covers the main technological approaches along with the specific use cases for each one.

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Machine Translation

ebook MT

With this free eBook from Lexcelera’s North American subsidiary, LexWorks, your company can leverage what the Global 2000 know about machine translation to leapfrog over your competition into international markets.

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