1. Purpose
1.1 The purpose of the present terms and conditions (hereafter “Terms and Conditions”) is to define the general clauses applicable to the delivery of services that EUROTEXTE SARL, doing business as Lexcelera (hereafter “LEXCELERA”) can provide at the request of the Client.

1.2 The services (hereafter “Services”) that LEXCELERA provides are: translation, sworn translation, interpretation, subtitling, voice-over, Desktop Publishing and audio-video transcription

1. 3 These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Agreements and Quotes that make reference to them.

2. The Parties’ Obligations

2.1 LEXCELERA SARL’s Obligations
LEXCELERA is committed to deliver Services in accordance with accepted professional translation and interpretation practices.

2.2 The Customer’s Obligations
2.2.1 Each service request must be accompanied by a firm and definitive order indicating the prices and deadlines the parties agreed upon. Said order must be signed and delivered to LEXCELERA by mail, e-mail or fax, without which LEXCELERA reserves the right to not begin the project. The Client agrees to inform their accounting department at the time of placing the order.

2.2.2 When necessary, technical texts can be accompanied by reference documents provided by the Client and/or figures, photos or drawings that permit better understanding of said texts.

2.2.3 Any changes requested by the client after placing the order must be in writing, be signed by both the client and LEXCELERA, and be transmitted to the Client’s accounting department. All services rendered will be invoiced

3. Confidentiality
LEXCELERA is committed to following all legal provisions regarding the respect of confidentiality and non-divulgation to third parties of any information that might be shared during the performance of Services.
All LEXCELERA staff members, translators and interpreters are bound by professional privilege after signing a confidentiality agreement.
LEXCELERA is committed to respecting this obligation throughout the pre-contractual and post-contractual phases, without limit of duration.

4. Accountability
4.1 LEXCELERA cannot in any case be held legally, morally or materially accountable for claims motivated by stylistic nuances. LEXCELERA is not required to translate any text in a style different from that of the source text.

4.2 Errors in one part of the translation can in no way bring into question the validity of the translation as a whole. LEXCELERA reserves the right to make necessary modifications and corrections.

4.3 For any given assignment, LEXCELERA can only be held accountable for as much as the amount billed for said assignment.

5. Claims
5.1 No claim will be considered unless issued by traditional mail (postmarked), e-mail or fax no later than 30 calendar days after delivery of Services. Claims must be accompanied by the original documents and contested translations. After the 30-day period, the translation will be considered correct and accepted.

5.2 In the case of Customer’s dissatisfaction, meaning a claim submitted within the established timeline, LEXCELERA will, at its own expense and within a reasonable amount of time, deliver a corrected version of the contested translation. A final assessment of the document’s quality will be based on the final corrected version. The pertinence of such claims and the decision to refund payment in whole or in part remains at the sole discretion of LEXCELERA.

5.3 The Customer agrees that, whatever the basis for a claim or the procedure for submitting it, LEXCELERA’s responsibility following the Customer’s fulfilment of the obligations stated in the present Terms and Conditions shall be limited to an amount not exceeding the total amount paid by the Customer upon delivery of agreed upon services.

6. Deadlines

6.1 Delivery Deadlines
6.1.1 The delivery deadlines are agreed upon by the two parties and appear on the firm and definitive order. In all circumstances, timely delivery can only be assured if the Client has fulfilled its obligations outlined in 2.2.

6.1.2 All digital deliveries must be accompanied by a confirmation of reception.

6.1.3 LEXCELERA shall not be held accountable for delays in processing by fax, modem, e-mail and other postal or land routes not directly controlled by LEXCELERA.

6.2 Payment Deadlines
6.2.1 At project delivery, Lexcelera establishes the corresponding invoice. Payment should take place within 30 days from invoicing date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
6.2.2 In case of late payment (more than 30 days after reception of invoice), orders in progress will be suspended.

7. Financial Conditions

7.1 The price is included on the quote approved by the Client and LEXCELERA. The delivery costs are always at the Client’s expense unless a contrary agreement in writing has been established.

7.2 For all new clients and all clients situated outside of France Metropolitan, prepayment is required before the order will be fulfilled.

7.3 First orders or orders of over €10,000, a 30% deposit will be required upon acceptance of the firm and definitive order.

8. Disputes

French law is applicable. Disputes shall be handled by the Commercial Court of Paris