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Damien Cartereau Interview

Damien Cartereau Interview Varilux Brand Manager     Essilor Translation Project  Essilor has been a Lexcelera customer for 25 years, since 1992. In April, we had the opportunity to interview Damien Cartereau, Brand Manager at Essilor. Damien has a solid 7-year experience with Essilor International, and has been the Varilux Brand Manager for 2 years.…


Our Free Translation Portal is Open for Business!

Paris, 28th September 2016: Lexcelera’s Free Translation Portal is open for business! It’s often said that time is money, and here at Lexcelera we agree that your time is precious. That is exactly why we have developed our Free Translation Portal. After thorough beta testing with some of our most prestigious clients such as ALSTOM,…


ISO 9001 certified translations

Certified Translation Company: 15th ISO 9001 re-certification

Lexcelera has been a certified translation company for 15 years! Paris, 9 March 2016 – Lexcelera, the European leader in accelerated translation, announces that its ISO 9001 quality certification has been renewed for the 15th year in a row. Lexcelera was the first French translation provider to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification. The 15th renewal of…


Lori Thicke Receives STIBC Award

Lexcelera CEO is recognized for her contribution to the language profession Paris, January 31, 2016 – Lori Thicke has been awarded the STIBC award “for her dedication to the profession and for inspiring all translators and interpreters to work toward a higher goal globally.” Lori is the CEO and founder of Lexcelera. She also co-founded…


Lori Thicke, Paul Warambo, Translators without Borders

Helping Microsoft Build a Swahili MT Engine

The Swahili MT Engine: the first African language machine translation engine On October 21, 2015, Microsoft announced that Translators without Borders had collaborated to provide Microsoft Bing with its first African language machine translation engine: the Swahili MT engine. As the founder of Translators without Borders, this project is a big step closer to realizing…


Denis Martin joins Lexcelera as Business Development Director

Former Business Development Manager from Systran S.A., Denis Martin brings industry and technology expertise PARIS, France – December 9, 2015 – Lexcelera, a leading provider of language services, today announced the hiring of Denis Martin to manage international business development. Denis Martin’s most recent role was Business Development Manager at Systran S.A., a machine translation…


The Automated Community Content Editing Portal

January 8, 2013 – New developments in machine translation The ACCEPT (Automated Community Content Editing Portal) Project, Lexcelera’s joint research project The Automated Community Content Editing Portal aimed at investigating and developing new language technologies and user capabilities for users of forum and community-based content, has announced its first results from 12 months of testing.…


Lexcelera Opens New Office in Vancouver: LexWorks

LexWorks: Our New Office in Vancouver! 2012 has been an exciting year for the Lexcelera-Eurotexte family. After providing language services in Europe for 26 years, demand for our specialized machine translation expertise has brought us to new shores. We are pleased to announce the founding of a full subsidiary, LexWorks, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. LexWorks…


Lori Thicke at the Wikipedia Conference

Lori Thicke, the founder of Lexcelera as well as of Translators without Borders, has been invited to give a presentation in Hong Kong August 10th. The occasion is Wikimania 2013, the annual Wikipedia conference. The subject will be the collaboration between Translators without Borders and Wikipedia to produce translations of 100 of the top-ranked medical…