On-site interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation: for lectures and seminars

It takes place as the words are spoken and therefore does not prolong the meeting or speech.

It requires special equipment (interpreting booth, headsets, microphone) and is perfectly suited to meetings and lectures attended by a large number of participants.

Consecutive interpretation: for meetings and conference calls

It eliminates all communication problems during meetings and conference calls with international partners since it involves interpretation of a sequence of a speech after the speaker has finished.

It is well adapted to short sessions or meetings with a small number of participants. No technical equipment is required; however, meeting times need to be extended to accommodate the consecutive interpretation.

Liaison interpretation: for business negotiations

The interpreter is seated beside one or two participants and whispers the translation to them. No equipment is required.

It enables a small number of people speaking different languages to communicate with one another.

Remote interpreting

Telephone and video remote interpreting

When meetings are virtual instead of physical, Lexcelera’s interpreters can ensure mutual comprehension via telephone conferencing or online video conferencing. Lexcelera’s trained interpreters work via online video-conferencing tools to improve the effectiveness of international meetings.

For international meetings or one-on-one conversations, it takes the connection one step closer to a face-to-face meeting.