Language Tools Consulting to Optimize Translation Processes

Our language tools consulting service helps companies identify where their translation and localization processes can be optimized. We help our customers meet their goals such as to:

  • Reach international markets more quickly
  • Support international customers better
  • Institute authoring best practices
  • Integrate the newest technologies
  • Improve reuse of legacy translated content
  • Measure & improve translation quality
  • Ensure better terminological consistency
  • Integrate with a new CMS
  • Improve processes
  • Add more languages, reduce budgets
  • Centralize translation services

Machine Translation Integration Services

Lexcelera also helps companies who are interested in investigating machine translation for certain needs. We help them identify project goals, content, languages, quality benchmarks and so on. Lexcelera’s process also defines which engine will give the best results – whether Rule-Based, Statistical or Hybrid, or a combination of approaches. The answer to this question will depend on factors such as language pairs, content, quality needed, technology to integrate with and what resources – human, technical and data – are available.

The process typically may involve some or all of the following:

  • Deciding what content might be suitable
  • Consulting with your internal staff about what expertise and what resources you have in-house
  • Identifying additional internal and external resources
  • Determining what systems the tools would have to integrate with and what functionalities are most important
  • Piloting initial solutions, measuring and comparing results
  • Establish ROI expectations and roadmap

With experience in all technologies, Lexcelera is able to pilot various approaches and apply the machine translation solution that gives the best results.

If you need help identifying where your translation and localization processes can be optimized, write to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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