LexTranslator: customized real-time site translation widget

The LexTranslator translation widget is a customized, on-demand machine translation solution. It is available in up to 50 languages for all types of online content including websites, e-Commerce shops, online help, chat and community forums.

Integrated directly into your website, app or intranet, with a single click LexTranslator allows your users to translate any type of content instantaneously. This means real time availability of your content – including community forums, news items and online knowledge bases – in a wide range of languages such as Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Swahili and Spanish.

translation widgetThe LexTranslator widget differs from other online solutions such as Google Translate in several important ways:

  • The engine in the background is trained on your domain and your terminology
  • A variety of MT engines are available, Statistical, Rule-Based and Hybrid, depending on which performs best with your content and your language pairs
  • Data confidentiality is guaranteed: your data will not leak back out to the internet
  • The widget is available “white label”

Several complementary modules provide additional features:

  • Pre-editing of the source text to make it more suitable for machine translation
  • Post-editing of the machine translation output to further improve its quality
  • User feedback levels from “rate this translation” to “improve this translation”


  • Fully integrated into your website in the form of a Translate button
  • Instantaneous translation by customized translation engines
  • Up to 50 languages available
  • Automatic pre-editing and post-editing modules
  • Monitoring and improvement of quality through several levels of user feedback
  • Monthly reporting on page translation usage, wordcount, rating, scoring and maintenance activities


  • Your internet or intranet site available in multilingual versions
  • On demand translation provided 24/7
  • No need for multiple sites or proxies
  • Customized translation to preserve brand integrity
  • A fraction of the cost of fully human translations
  • Real-time translation for rapidly changing content
  • Higher quality levels obtained with pre- and post-editing modules