Know more about Ganyue Lei

Ganyue Lei is a native of China.  Before joining to Lexcelera, she worked for the French Food Promotion Board and the French Trade Commission in Shanghai. Alongside interpretation and translation services, she also handled other activities like event organization and market research.

In 2003 Ganyue decided to move to Paris.  She joined Lexcelera in 2005 and was promoted to Senior Project Manager in 2013. Her responsibilities include translation project management as well as customer account management.

Ganyue moved back to Asia in 2014 – this time to Singapore. She currently acts as a correspondent for Lexcelera in this time zone and ensures that our linguistic service timeline can be as flexible as possible while continuing to handle key translation projects.

In addition to her native Chinese, Ganyue is proficient in French and English. She can also speak Japanese.