Software Localization for Global Reach

From mobile apps to desktop software, Lexcelera’s goal is to simplify and accelerate the software localization process to help companies communicate globally.


Connected Talents

Lexcelera’s translators, post-editors and engineers provide native-speaker expertise in over 100 languages, including bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew and double-byte languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Lexcelera’s project management process, based on the collaboration between these linguistic and technical teams across multiple time zones, ensures rapid integration of modifications and updates.

A dedicated project manager in your time zone ensures consistency and facilitates ongoing communication.


Trusted Technology

Lexcelera offers new solutions to localization managers who have already optimized use of CAT/Translation Memory tools to go even further to decrease costs and increase throughout. Lexcelera’s software localization process for documentation, online help and user interfaces integrates Translation Memory (TM) with groundbreaking advances in Machine Translation (MT).

Lexcelera’s proprietary SMART (Secure Machine Assisted Rapid Translation) process leverages the time and skills of translators, resulting in software localization that is 30% to 100% faster, for significantly reduced costs. Lexcelera customers commonly report being able to manage more languages without any increase in budget.