“The translation quality of your website is a cornerstone of your international development.
To increase visits, engagement, and conversions, it’s essential to have an optimized translation process” – Thibaud Michard, Hello Code


Whether you are translating your website, mobile application, marketplace, or online marketing content, it is essential to deliver a relevant message, quickly, and in the language of your users.

Translating a website is a delicate operation, which requires specialist skills as well as the technologies to retain the data structure and hyperlinks, and also to automate the transfer of content to be translated.

The development of advanced language technologies, combined with a network of translators and specialized web project managers, enables Lexcelera to offer optimal website translation solutions, tailored to the needs and technical specifications of each client.

When it comes to international markets, a high quality translation/localization of your web content will give you the edge over your competitors.


Translating your website has never been so easy, or so fast

Website translation is one of Lexcelera’s specialties. We support all Content Management Systems (CMS) and translation file formats (HTML, Xliff, PO, Yaml, etc.).

Your content is easily imported by our dedicated platform, in order to optimize speed and ensure uniform processing for your digital communications.

We also support your web designers and developers to construct high-performance sites that reflect the internationalization of your business, for example by adapting text boxes that can expand by 35% in certain languages.


Translation of e-commerce sites and marketplaces

In order to access international markets and transform Internet users into customers, multilingual e-commerce sites and marketplaces must pay particular attention to the translation of their content (texts, images, videos, etc.) and online tools.

Lexcelera’s e-commerce site translation services cover all platforms, such as Magento, Prestashop, WordPress and its WooCommerce module, Drupal, Joomla, etc. as well as customized technical solutions.


Multilingual SEO to optimize your ranking

Multilingual SEO is essential to capture the attention of your audience by appearing on the first pages of local search engine results.

To rank highly on search results, a simple translation of your text is not enough.. An analysis of the query trends in each language is necessary to ensure strong keywords figure in the translation, corresponding to high volumes of user searches.

Lexcelera manages your multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure that your company will stand out from the competition by reaching the first pages of search results – and staying there.

If your traffic acquisition strategy includes a multilingual SEA (Search Engine Advertising) component, Lexcelera will identify the degree of competition of the targeted keywords for you.


Including blogs and social media in your multilingual strategy

Companies that deploy internationally must adapt to different user practices, including social networks. Your audience is not just on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but uses platforms such as Xing, WeChat, Qzone and VKontakte.

While knowing which international blogs and social networks to target is a key strength, discovering where the new opportunities are to be found can be a real challenge for companies. That’s why Lexcelera offers a social media translation and multilingual monitoring service in more than 100 languages, to help you target influencers and apply your web strategy on your clients’ favorite platforms.


Instant website translation with the LexTranslator widget

Do you want to translate your website automatically and in real time in dozens of languages? This is now possible with the online translation widget developed by Lexcelera.

A powerful instant website translator, this widget – unlike generic translation engines – is able to provide translations tailored to your field of activity, in real time and at a fraction of the cost of human translation.

LexTranslator allows you to upload new languages ​​without massive initial investment. Ideal for quickly translating your website and testing new markets.

The LexTranslator Translation Widget is available in more than 50 languages. Its collaborative features and its automatic corrector make it particularly suitable for processing user content, such as FAQs and knowledge bases.